BMW 2 series

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The new 2 series will replace the 1 series coupe and convertible next year.
It is based on the 2nd generation 1 series. So just like the 4 series is just a new name for the 3 series coupe, the 2 is the coupe version of the 1.

These are still just illustrations, but it’s never that hard to guess what a new BMW will look like. So they are probably really close.

We should see the real thing (At least the Coupe) at the Los Angeles auto show in November.

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  1. Can't believe the HATAS haven't piled onto this post!
    This is a huge improvement over the current, ugly 1er. Now, if they'd lower the price and offer an even lower priced 120i or 116i, they'd really have something.

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