2015 Kia Sedona

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Instead of giving us a production version of the super modern KV7 Concept from 3 years ago, we will get this.
Looking OK. But just another minivan.

The original concept. What a difference…

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  1. While it has definitely been minivan-ed down, you can see the window shape from the sliding door back mimics the look of the concept.

  2. The Hyundai Entourage and Kia Sedona were pretty much a flop in North America. With the amount of new Sorentos and Rondos (Canada) I see on the road I can't see this getting much notice.

  3. Thankfully they canned the ugly KV7. What a mess (awful front face, saggy shapes/forms, and small size). And its small size limits function – which is why people buy vans in the first place. New Sedona looks right – good size, better design/style.

  4. I´m disappointed, too. The original concept had it all. By now we at least know that the a-pillar and the glas windshield lost their mojo.

    When Kia changed their design and hired P. Schreyer a couple of years ago they also said they wanted to be the "most desired" car brand. I don´t see this happening with exchangeable cars like this.

  5. Eh, I rented plenty of Minivans on my family trips, and I'd have to say I enjoyed the Sedona the most. The Odyssey's ride was too harsh and noide, The Caravan.. is pa piece of shit (Even the T&C). The Sedona was uper comfy, has nice FULL seats throughout, rides quiet and drive buttery smooth.

    The Sienna is the only one I have not ridden, but not sure if i expect much more than Honda.

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