More pix (and video) of the new Honda S660 Concept

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I think this is one of the best looking car Honda has come up to in years.
Like someone said here: “a real Honda”.

Let’s hope this translates well into production. The main issue being the top. And how to fit one…

Here is a really cool video explaining Honda’s history of small sporty cars. And where the S660 comes from.
But also giving quite a bit of info about the upcoming production model.

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  1. Nice honda! Did a very good job with the new accord, and this is a big step forward. They must have hired some car design people!

  2. nice interior, nice side and rear design… the front, like ALL Hondas needs some help. Its dull and ugly at the same time.

  3. When will Honda learn? There is no market for a small 2-seater commuter car. It didn't work with the CRX, it didn't work with the del Sol, it didn't work with that hybrid 2 seater thing they sold. It also didn't work with the Fiero or the Pulsar or the MR2 or the mazda thing in the 90s. The only car that has done well is the Miata because they were able to design an instant classic that could race. The S2K is considered an instant classic car because it was 1000% authentic and can race. It would have continued to sell well as a niche car if they had evolved it. Is this thing an instant classic? No. It's trying to hard.

    I'm going to be the Debbie downer, and let everyone know that even though this is a creative design, that this will fail miserably. It's a visually interesting impractical del Sol Mk2.

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