Even more pictures of the 2015 Chrysler 200!

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chrysler chrysler200 2015chrysler spy

chrysler chrysler200 2015chrysler spy

chrysler chrysler200 2015chrysler spy

Again, a very nice looking car. Modern. Current, unlike the old one.

Not sure they need an “S” sport model. (interior picture). This after all a family car segment. But I guess there are slightly sportier versions of the Camry and Accord available..

Their main problem could be the rough base engine. As most people in the segment do not step up to the V6.

chrysler chrysler200 2015chrysler spy

After all these speeches from Chryaler suits telling us how amazing the car was going to be, I was just expecting something a bit more original.
I am also tired of these fastback shapes that should be hatchbacks but are NOT . Why not?

The Fusion and Regal pictured here are both available with a hatch in their European home market.
So I wonder if the Lancia version of the 200 will too…

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  1. If the Fusion and the Audi A7 had an offspring…

    That's actually not a criticism. Good looking car.

  2. Too bad the Buick is so half baked. It could be a beautiful car with a little something called attention to detail.

  3. Thanks for the image of the Fusion with the 200. The 2 are indistinguishable from that angle- even down to the Dart side rear window. I agree with your perception that the 200 is not as original as promised – and I am disappointed. The only good news is that Chrysler finally has a competitor in the market segment, at least from an appearance standpoint.

  4. Wow, that's homely. And it looks Korean. So sad that they can't find a way to design something unique like they've been able to do with some of their other cars. This just blends blandly into the background of any mall parking lot. This is as unoriginal and uninspired as it gets.

  5. Wow, this makes the Regal look like crap. I don't think there is anything wrong with the design at all and it IS original. I believe this 200 may have been designed even before the 2011 version and they used design cues from this in an attempt to upgrade the Sebring. Sure, it looks similar in profile to the Fusion, but I appreciate how the front drivers/passenger windows don't have that crappy bar because the door can only hold so much glass when rolling down the window. I'm very excited for this vehicle, but those MPGs for the V6 need to impress as the Accord V6 gets 34 on the highway.


  6. Oh, and Sedans will start looking more and more like this to reduce drag. So all sedans will look like fastbacks pretty soon, too bad they don't have real hatches though.


  7. Well, I live in Detroit and work in the auto industry, and although I am not a Chrysler guy, I'm happy to see Chrysler with a competitive midsized sedan. It is SO much better than the hideous, awkward, deformed, hunchbacked, ugly looking current model. Maybe they can actually sell a few cars now, instead of living on monster pickup sales.

  8. The problem for Chrysler with this car is this: for a whole host of reasons, most of which are perception related, very few people are going to walk away from their Camrys and Altimas to get one of these, especially when there's really nothing about it at all that sets it apart. Loyal Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep customers like myself, however, have come to expect styling that is more bold and unique and so this car stands to alienate those who actually show up to their showrooms and put their money down for their cars. I buy Chrysler products and I wouldn't even consider this car based on its looks. Simply commenting that you think it looks pretty is nice enough, but it's not until you head into their showroom and plop your money down on the counter for one that it will really matter to Chrysler. This car will sell no better than the current model when its all said and done.

  9. Honda Crosstour, Avalon, Fusion, Infinti M, Altima, Sentra, Dart, Buick Vereo, Impala, Linoln MKZ, I love these greenhouses. But I think the Chyrlser 200, Fusion and Avalon have the best styles off the A7 greenhouse. The 2015 Hyundai Gensis is another good looking A7 like greenhouse.

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