2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

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 Now, this is exactly what the 3 series should have been. This is a really good looking sedan.
I hear it will be around $2500/$3000 more than the 3 series. And it is well worth it.
Just for the much better design alone.
And you also get a hatchback. Which is another plus. (It’s just too bad they kept a tiny old fashion sunroof…)

I think/hope this will steal from the 3 sedan.

Now what about this? The 3 series GT. Which was supposed to be the hatch version of the 3 series sedan.
Heavy, clumsy looking thing. Who would ever buy this over the new 4 hatchback???

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  1. I have yet to see a GT hatch but the Gran Coupe is very nice. It is just crazy how many variants off one car they are cooking up..

  2. It's a 3 series hatch..no? BMWs new numbering is completely idiotic. This is a great looking improvement upon the sedan, but not something that I would lust after. The A7 is just stunning, and the differences between the A6 are immediately identifiable.

    I would like to see all of the new BMW sedans lined up by order, from the 3 to the 7 series. The differences between them would be incremental.

  3. You pay $3k more for the same size, same engines and a few more creases in the design. The genius of marketing.

  4. I've seen few GT's now and not looking that great. Still butt too big…

    This looks lot better so you wonder why still sell the GT? And I also wonder do people rather buy the 3 series sedan than this? I also think this should replace it.

    Still not quite as good as the A5 sportback which slopes bit longer to make back less heavy. Hopefully Audi will reconsider not selling it in the US.

  5. I didn't realize the 4 Series GC had a hatch?! This makes the 3 Series GT even more redundant. What a world we live in where there are 5 versions of the 3 series on sale (who says they aren't working on a 6th Shooting Brake 4 series touring wagon???)….and in the US only one version of the Cruze is being sold. Talk about extremes on a scale.


  6. Now that there is a hatchback 4-series Gran Coupe, I hope BMW will see fit to send the 3 GT back to Europe and start bringing in more 3-series wagons. Maybe the next 6-series GC can have a hatch so the 5-series wagon can return as well!

  7. bmw is going to run into problems… ALLE there cars ALREADY look way too similar. now they add ever more models???

    ppl will notice that they sell
    "the same shoe in different sizes"

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