Mazda Hazumi Concept; next Mazda 2

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This new upcoming concept is supposed to give us a taste of the all new generation Mazda2.
it could be offered with a new 1.5 Liter Diesel in Europe.

But I have heard a while ago that Mazda might choose not to bring the new 2 over here.
Which would be really too bad.

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  1. If this is underpinning the Yaris, they HAVE to bring it here! The reason it didn't sell was because it had crap for options and a 4 Speed Auto.


  2. It had a terrible cheap interior, nothing on it, not great mileage, and an antiquated AT. Thats the niche for the much cheaper Nissan Versa 5dr.

  3. Mazda is building a new plant in Mexico to produce the next gen mazda2 & Mazda is going to produce a version of the new car for Toyota.

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