All new Datsun Sedan

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 This is basically the sedan version of the “Go” hatchback we have seen before.

And it will be one of the ugliest car produced on this planet.
This “official sketch” doesn’t even try to make it look good. This is how bad the design is.

The new sedan isn’t a big surprise, since it was already caught testing in Russia a few weeks ago.
Here it is, in all its glory.

Sure, it will be cheap. Very cheap.
Still. Cheap shouldn’t be that ugly.

I guess this would be for people who have never had a car before.

It is kind of sad to see Nissan reviving the Datsun name to sell crappy cars.

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  1. To be fair, it actually looks better than the cars Russians design themselves and are still selling (Lada).

  2. Hey Vince you Dolt. They are cheap.not crappy. They just are what the average Russian needs. Grow up!

  3. It looks very vanilla and a tiny bit dated. But it needs to be to appeal to as many people as possible and it's target demographic. An excellent choice for people in it's home market. I think the datsuns look like the new subarus honestly. You even have a pic of a legacy right below and this looks like a cheaper version of it. Considering the legacy would be 3-4 times the price. Even datsun in the old days made plenty of cheap small cars such as this. Wonder if a rwd car is in datsuns future. I'm thinking not.

  4. Will reserve final judgement until seen in person. However, I see evidence of an attempt to tie in with family design cues– although maybe not if Datsun is to be distanced from Nissan.
    Traces Toyota's ugly Echo in rear (remember how it looked 'pre-crashed'?), with way too many unresolved/ unrelated lines going all over the place.

  5. Vince, I think this is actually not related to the Go hatchback (itself the cheapoo version of the already cheapo Micra) but to the Lada Granta, itself derived of some older Lada mixed with Dacia components. Reading this, "cheap" probably doesn't describe it enough 😉

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