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The Everest is a Ranger based SUV that has been available in a bunch of foreign markets for years. Many years.
So it is time for a redesign.

Still not car based. The Everest could be seen as “What the Explorer could shave been” if it kept its truck roots.

So far no words on US sales, but it is pretty unlikely.
Since it would be hard to squeeze this between the Escape, Edge and Explorer…

But it does look pretty nice.

What do you think?  Should Ford bring this one over here?

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  1. They would ruin it wit the faux Aston front end anyway. Why do they insist on making all their cars look like a Chinese knock off.

  2. Looks much more appealing than the Explorer, at least to me.

    But, I wish automakers would stop putting that stupid strip of chrome at the bottom of the side glass. The only thing it draws attention to is itself. I can't believe the stuff that gets built sometimes. Ford, for the most part, designs great looking cars and trucks, but there's always something about them that makes you want to rip your eyes out.

  3. If they bring it over, they'd need to market it as a genuine off road vehicle. Perhaps an SUV version of the Raptor. Otherwise they'd run the risk of conflicting with the Explorer, which sells incredibly well.

  4. This is so much better looking and more truck-like than the homely Explorer. They should, but they won't.

  5. First I thought JEEP. Then DODGE. Then TOYOTA. All wrong…. and I dont mean my guesses. Ford should look like a Ford.

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