More pictures of the all new Lexus NX

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It might be growing on me… (Not sure yet)
It would be nice to see another color than white.

I do like the really high center console.
Although the whole interior might seem more “gimmicky” than luxurious.

More very soon. Including official pictures and specs.

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  1. I can't believe that Lexus came up with this.
    The photo showing the front end makes it look like an aquarium bottom feeder.
    They should have called it the Lexus Plecostomus.

  2. is it weird that i actually quite like this? i'd consider getting it in AWD, not sport package, black on black. i actually think it would look nice in black or any color not as harsh as white.

  3. They should find some new models if they want to up the sex appeal. Mariah Carey at age 75 sitting behind the wheel doesn't exactly help its case. I guess they just wanted to find something even more ghastly than the vehicle so that by comparison, the car looked good. Yikes.

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