2016 Fiat 500 “Plus”???

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That’s a weird/interesting idea.

Fiat could base a larger 500 model on the larger Punto platform and call it the 900 Plus.
It would compete with cars like the Golf and Focus.
It seems that Fiat is quite afraid to send us anything that isn’t called a 500. For some reason.
So I guess they are now trying to make their whole line up look like the 500…

But I’m not sure the retro front end works on every single design.
The 500L looks pretty bad. And doesn’t seem to be very popular in the US.

We’ll see…

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  1. The larger 500 should compete with the Polo/Fiesta/Clio – since it is intended to replace the slow selling Punto. The Bravo, which is positioned against Golf/Focus/Astra will probably not be replaced. You hardly see it on european roads.

  2. The 500L is about as popular as the Mini it competes with (if you look at sales after the same number of months since introduction). And its MUCH cheaper to operate so I expect it will overtake the Countryman once that gets around.

  3. This isn't happening as they don't want to cannibalize the upcoming Chrysler 100 AKA PT Cruiser replacement.

  4. Someone said they won't sell this here, because of the Chrysler 100?

    Ummm… they are going to sell the 500 X "Suv", which is also the Jeep Renegade…. so…. it appears that Fiat has no issues selling 2 similar vehicles, as a Jeep(or Chrysler?), and a Fiat… so this could be happening.

    Since Fiat is going to sell their version of that new Jeep Renegade,( 500 X , iirc) in the USA, then why not this?

    I heard about this in Feb, at a local new car auto show(and posted about it already, and some other links/sites, mentioning this vehicle).

    I would like something like this, rumored to be about the size of the Fit… and supposedly, drive more like the smaller 3 door Fiat 500….. If they:

    1) Do Not Use the same seats(front) that are in the current 500L (worst seats ever, is why we did not buy the 500L, in May).

    2) Lower the arm rest… not have it in your way, where ….when
    it is lowered,(to about rib cage level), both driver and passenger lose room up front, and end up bumping in to the "rest"(it is not restful, if you have to reach up, to "rest" your arm on this so-called arm "rest").

    Fix(replace) the seats, (even the Dart we sat in at the auto show… had better seats)and the arm rest positioning… and when it's time to replace our 7 year old car…. and we may consider buying a car like this.

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