2015 Buick Envision

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 Just a teaser so far. And, of course, it will be shown in China first. (since it is, by far, Buick’s largest market)
I must say, from what we can see, it doesn’t look very exciting.
The competition has been very aggressive in that segment. Toyota’s controversial all new NX is sure to become quite popular. And even Lincoln has a very convincing model with the MKC.

We’ll see….

What we can already see, is that it doesn’t keep much of the Envision Concept from a few years ago.
This looked so much better already…

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  1. That concept might easily get me into a Buick showroom, but that boring looking thing teased under the tarp never will. However if my grandfather were alive, he might be into it.

    BTW, Vince, those little "prove your not a robot" captchas are becoming more and more painful to read every time. I have to cycle thru so many it's barely worth it.

  2. I don't know why automakers even build concepts anymore. They rarely end up resembling anything close to the production vehicle. Lincoln, Buick and BMW are the most guilty of this. New Buicks look really good, but it would be nice if the concepts more closely resembled the real thing.

    And I agree with the first comment. There are much better captcha plugins available. This one is very crude.

  3. I'm sure this new Buick SUV will be a huge success, as is Encore and Enclave. Buick scores these days!

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