2015 Mercedes C-Class prices.

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It will start at $38 400 for the base C300.
But like the GLA, this “base” model is only available early next year.
If you want a new C-Class right now (August 25th), you’ll have to spend $40 400 for the C300 4MATIC.
Or $48 590 for the V6 C400 4MATIC.

Just like with BMW, these names don’t mean anything anymore.

With the C300, you are NOT getting a 3.0 Liter engine.
You are getting a 2.0 Liter with 241HP.

And you are NOT getting a 4.0 Liter with the C400, you are getting a 3.0 Liter with 329HP.

(I guess some marketing genius thinks calling a car C200 sounds cheap…)

The new model is about $6000 more than the “old” one. Which is quite a jump.
Actually making sense for them since it allows more room for the new CLA.
But it is also about $6000 more than a base 3 series from BMW. And even more compared to a base Audi A4.

So Mercedes isn’t trying to compete on pricing. Looks like they are positioning themselves at the top.

(Which I think they should…)

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  1. The problem with c200 is that it sounds like Chrysler 200 which is similar in fit, finnish, handeling, but has up to 300 HP with excellent gas mileage, 10+ airbags, NAPA leather, REAL wood trim, an 8" screen and costs $10,000 LESS. Buyers who balk at $10k extra just for the "status" may test drive the 200 and Mercedes will lose those customers.

  2. There is no reason to price the C300 against the 320i, which was only created to give BMW a lower-priced 4-door to compete with the new CLA and A3 (since there is no 4-door 1- or 2-series yet). The 328i and A4 are more direct competitors to the C300 and are priced accordingly.

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