2015 Honda CR-V

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The new one is on top.
It’s not all new of course, just a refresh.

Not sure yet if I like this better or not. Seems like they added stuff to make it a bit more upscale, which usually ends up cheesier.

Engines should be the same. No news about the interior. Thats the part that really needs an improvement. Especially the horrible hard plastic/fake wood trims.

More very soon…

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  1. The old front end is nice and clean; i like it.
    The new front end has too many shapes and too many places to look; way to busy and doesnt look more upscale, looks like it's trying to hard.

  2. Does every japanese car has to look like it's an angry tranformer? Just like the new Toyotas where they put an angry face on them, instead of a smiling face.

  3. I think the new front end is a huge improvement! It looks much sleeker and more sophisticated. Good job Honda!

  4. I agree with Anon.. it looks much cleaner and more upscale.. and very likely gives us a clear hint at the face of the next Pilot

  5. Think the new look apppears more cohesive and integrated. Headlamps much improved. And they finally have a new fog lamp design… Finally

  6. The headlights of a car present a face. Old model has wide open round 'eyes', the new model has squinty slanted 'eyes'. maybe that appeals to a specific demographic.
    Does that sound racist?

  7. The 2015 CRV will have the Accord EarthDreams engine and get the CVT tranny. The dash will be updated and new features will bring it in line with the competition; Lanewatch, the Civic's Multimedia display, etc. (I work at a Honda dealership).

  8. Dangerously huge amounts of oversteer in these. VERY sloppy handling. But, like the McDonalds Hamburgers, they are popular with the uneducated masses.

  9. Looks a lot better. Which isn't saying much. It's one of the dorkiest SUVs on the market. Only the Rav4 is less attractive.

  10. Nissan is laughable. Their stuff is junk compared to what Nissan used to be. Go away Nissan salesman.

  11. mean people posting that really are uneducated or plain stupid. I am certainly not a Nissan employee of any type. I currently drive Infinitis and Nissans. I am a Lawyer in upstate New York. Nissan is a great product. For the record, I have owned both Lexus and Honda products.

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