2016 Cadillac ATS-V

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I guess we knew it was coming.

In their obsession to compete with Mercedes and BMW, Cadillac is now producing high powered V models of almost every sedan they make.
I drove a CTS-V (The cool wagon one) a while ago for a week. Sure, it was great.
The power, the 6 speed. But no one bought it.
This is another car no one will buy. A compact sedan with 450HP.

But I guess “they have to compete”. Not sure anyone in the world associate Cadillac with super powerful small cars yet. Or even if they should.

As you can see, it also has the usual add ons. So now it looks more like a SEMA project than a classy car Cadillac should be known for.

And if you want a proper 6 speed manual, you can already order one with the “regular” 2.0 Liter Turbo version.
Which is probably as much fun as most  Cadillac ATS buyers would want.

I just don’t see the point…. 

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  1. This irrelevant upgrade is another desperate attempt by Cadillac to be relevant in the luxury space. Today the announced a cutback in production shifts to avoid glut of the ATS and CTS models. Their recipe for success is clear. Change the look, increase reliability and reduce prices by 20% for the fully loaded models and customers will take another look. Until then keep paying car magazines for positive reviews. Reviewers are not buying its cars. In fact most of them they cannot afford them. The average old farts do.

  2. I think this car is amazing. Delete the ridiculous wing and do something about the chintzy instrument cluster, and this would be almost perfect. Looking forward to driving one. And in spite of what Anon 1:09 thinks, there are plenty of people under 60 that can afford these cars. That "recipe for success" is uninformed and amateurish, at best.

  3. It may look like an ATS created in study hall, but looks nowhere near as over styled and gaudy as the Lexus RC.

  4. It is too bad that Cadillac's exterior design has improved a bit, but it still builds unreliable cars. And when I say improvement in design I am not including the SRX. What a joke!

  5. Unreliable? I've owed 8 Cadillacs stemming from 1998 and none of them were unreliable, They may not be on par with Toyota or honda…….but they have held up well as for my latter models time will tell.

  6. In Europe, Cadillacs, as most American cars, are considered to be large, heavy, thirsty, bad handling beasts.

    I suppose a car like this could help improve Cadillac's image in Europe.

    Isn't this like comparable to the BMW M3?

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