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The new Grace is a hybrid version of the City sedan.
Which is basically a sedan version of the new Fit we have now here.
Not sure why the Hybrid version has its own name (Probably because some suit thought the name “Grace” was so great)

I’ve heard before about the City coming to the US as the Fit Sedan. So this hybrid version could also make it over here.

It is powered by a 1.5 Liter engine with an electric motor and a 7 speed transmission.
The whole thing is good for 135HP. Which is fine for this small sedan. (remember, it is still smaller than a Civic)
They claim it gets about 86 “US equivalent”MPG. Which would be quite amazing if true.

I think, for once, this looks better than the hatchback Fit. And could actually threaten the Civic if sold here.
I mean, the interior alone is one of the best I’ve seen from Honda in quite a while.

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  1. I've tried very hard to like the new Fit. In many ways it is the perfect car for my needs. The only problem is that I'd still need to look at it…

  2. Grace, because their design department needs grace and mercy for Acura.
    What a failure? Maybe they should hire Mazda design team to show them how to design a front end beak.
    No one, not even Buick carries a pancake looking grill any more.
    Everything screens beefy. I think if they pronounce the grille even like the Hyundai Genesis, that would give the car some character. How These Honda designers keep their job, while BMW let Chris go? May not have liked the "bangle butt" but at it reintroduced the 7serires into the discussion. The 7 they have right now hasn't been speaking much in my opinion.
    While Lexus continues to be inspired by predator, Acura thinks we believes we should all ignore looks and overhangs.

  3. Nice for a tiny car. Honda however still can't get out of its own head enough from a design perspective to understand that certain things aren't advances in the right direction…. such as not having a damned ON/OFF knob that also controls volume on the infotainment-radio screen. They didn't learn from the Ford calamity.

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