2016 Buick LaCrosse

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The LaCrosse will be all new for 2016.
And here are some pictures of the interior. Which already looks quite nice and modern.
I still like the current model. I think the design and interior held up quite well over the years.

From what I’ve seen of spy shots, the new exterior will be much slicker.  While the redesigned interior seems classy and elegant. Actually reminds me quite a bit of a production version of the Avenir Concept interior

Here is the Avenir. Of course, it seems much nicer.
But you can see many similarities with the next LaCrosse interior.

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  1. Are the large areas of wood and chrome authentic, or plastic? I've liked the overall design of Buicks since they launched the 2nd generation LaCrosse. But the fakeness of the chrome, wood and vinyl becomes apparent once the cars have racked-up a few miles.

  2. I had a Lacrosse rental for a couple days and I agree that after a couple there was a certain cheapness to the materials Buick chose…good interior design…and the 2016 shows solid design…will require recognition of better materials…at least GM appears to be designing better interiors something I never thought they would be able to do.

  3. LOVE THE WOOD! At first glance I thought this was the next $65000 Kia k9 v8. (or whatever they call the top line Kia/Hyundai above the Genesis).

  4. Looks fitting for a Buick finally. I have a neighbor with a current LaCrosse and this interior is light years ahead.

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