2016 VW Touran

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New year, new platform, new Touran.
The new generation is based on VW’s MBQ platform. Just like almost everything else VW makes these days.
It’s completely new, yet it looks like it could have come out years ago.

The interior follows VW’s recent trend of “zero curves”. The ruler rules!

But, it does look quite upscale. And a nice place to be.

As usual, the Touran is not scheduled for the US market.

No idea how big it really is. VW mentioned  “a significant increase in size”. Without any details.
(The current one is about 175 inches long. Which is a tiny bit more than the Ford C-Max)

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  1. the thing about VW's current designs is that they are timeless. You say the Touran could have come out years ago. But it will also still look fit in 10 years. It is not a trendy, of-the-moment piece like, say, a Hyundai Elantra which, though nice, is going to date quickly.

    VW puts a lot of attention into the details of their models, which matters when you own and drive a car for year after year. Not as much as when you're just pointing at pictures on the web and looking to bit tickled.

  2. TImeless or boring? The current Touran didn't look good or modern when it showed up in 2003, and has never since. It just a boring slab of "random MPV".

    Vince, this has now exactly the same wheelbase as a Passat, but will be shorter, as one can tell from the overhangs. At least now it should have enough knee room in the 2nd row, even in the 7 seat version. The interior is blocky, a bit too much, and the amounts of shiny piano black plastic are not classy, but more "CHina bling" IMO….

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