2016 Nissan Maxima

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Better pictures.

I still like it. Its quite amazing how many people seem to hate it (At least on this site)
The Maxima should stand out. And I think this could actually look quite striking in real life.

It is officially coming out for the New York Auto show in April. We’ll know everything by then.

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  1. To my eyes, this is a really creative and striking design. These lines flow beautifully. Just wonder how reliable Nissan is these days with their hookup with Renault.

  2. I like their styling direction. I saw my first new Murano in person this weekend and it looks even better in person and I already liked it in the pictures. I am hoping the same for the Maxima. However, my neighbors bought the new Pathfinder and the reliability isn't what it should be.

  3. Yes, LOTS of influence from the Kia Optima. I don't hate it. I think its styling will go well with the 22" wire wheels and gauche bass-boat paint the graffiti and low-rider types will undoubtedly apply.

  4. i find it pretty hideous for a production car. maybe a design study where they asked the students to morph a manta ray into a car, but not a thing of beauty. I guess if your culture worships underwater creatures instead of female shapes, it might look good to those eyes. But I'd rather much rather see a shapely italian design than this creature from the black lagoon.

  5. Wow this is pretty bad. Nissan ripped of the front fenders from the Mazda 6 and used the tailights from the Sentra (what they picked a design from one of the lower level cars?)
    Nissan (and Infiniti) design leave a lot to be desired…

  6. The C-pillar is definitely inspired by the Optima.

    I prefer the Optima's styling because it's less fussy, but this still looks pretty good.

  7. This is grotesque. Confirms once again that Nissan takes first place when it comes to the worst designs of all cars sold in America. They really haven't improved at all over the years. Just what are they thinking?

  8. Nissan is desperately in search of a coherent design theme. So they've adopted the front fender line that swoops down … into something. And the rear fender kick-up and a pseudo-floating roof.

    There sure are a lot of lines, but there ain't much style.

  9. Right on Nissan… like it or not, they are TAKING RISKS with design! You can't knock them for setting their own design theme. As car lovers, we are so fast critique cars "that looks just like…" I will bet this car will not look like anything once we see it live. At least it's not another frickin copy of the current FUSION, 200, SONATA, CAMRY look-a-likes.

  10. I like this. Has both dash and subtlety. Looking forward to seeing it in person. Front fender curve looks good and strong. Break in C pillar is a nice change. Handsome touch how greenhouse notches down in profile. Sorry about that ugly diagonal cutline for trunk lid a la Impala.

  11. I know the floating roof element is supposed to look distinctive, but I don't particularly care for it. I think the design is attractive enough without it.

  12. I'm not entirely sold on the front. It's intelligent, to say the least. What is the purpose of all that stuff hanging off the nose? But the rest of the car is really striking. So attractive that I may be able to get used to that bizarre schnozz.

  13. man that's one ugly car. Bastard child of an altima and an over designed Chinese car. What a mess.

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