Buick Excelle GT

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This is a China only model.

Although the current Chinese Excelle is pretty much the same car as our Buick Verano, and the Opel Astra sedan.
 I don’t think this is the next Astra or Verano. (It actually looks a lot less modern than the current one…)
But the interior is all new. And it does remind me of that “2016 LaCrosse interior” picture I posted a couple of days ago .
It seems based on the same theme. Like a super lame version of what we saw in the Avenir concept.

Still. Let’s hope the next Verano looks much better than this…

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  1. The Verano sales are already slumping. This would be a real disaster if this is essentially what we get.

  2. This is not nearly good enough. Buick needs to really shock and awe people with amazing products that will break the old-man stigma that Buick has created for itself. The Cascada is good, but a bit too tame. The Adam would be fun. A real performance sedan, and not that lame Regal with the go-fast plastic but no decent engine. Hardly anyone under 50 even considers Buick. The name "Buick" is a turnoff because they have neglected the brand for too long.

    To Buick… Go back and do better! If you need instructions, go check out Cadillac. Cadillacs are supposed to be the cars for "Captains of Industry." Buicks are supposed to be cars for doctors, lawyers and white collar professionals. If you make exceptional vehicles, the name "buick" won't have such a nasty ring to it. Now go.

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