2016 Infiniti QX50

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 Infiniti is bringing a revised (NOT all new) QX50 to the New York Auto Show.
Which is probably the same one they introduced in China recently. (pictured above)

It has a more aggressive front and rear design.
But most importantly, it adds over 3 inches to the wheelbase. Which should help rear legroom.
A major problem with the current version.
 The QX50 is the same car that started life as the EX. Back in 2007!
Yes, that is 8 years ago!

I test drove one for a week a few years back. And found it to be a great driving car/SUV/crossover/hatchback.
But that tiny back seat was quite a problem. But worse ( I thought) was the horrendous gas mileage. As I was unable to get over 23MPG on the freeway.

Not sure if it’s getting if for 2016, but the QX50 needs a more efficient power train if it wants to compete.
(Or maybe Infiniti doesn’t really car since the all new QX30 is coming out soon…)

As you can see, the longer wheelbase (red car above) doesn’t ruin the design at all.
So this will make is as roomy as the QX70.
(What will happen to that one now???)

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  1. As roomy as the QX60? Really Vince? The QX60 is the much larger 3-row crossover in the lineup. You must mean it's now as roomy as the QX70 which was the former FX. Adding 3 inches to the wheelbase of the QX50 gives it an identical wheelbase to the QX70 of about 113 inches.

  2. I always liked the Qx50. But I guess I'm a rare breed in the US that likes wagons and I always just thought of this as a G wagon and not an SUV.

    This is how the Qx50 should have come out years ago. It should have had more room. I feel this is too little too late. But I guess you need to do something to make room for the Qx30 that is coming out.

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