2017 Chrysler Minivan

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Again, not sure what version this is.
Although the tail lights seem more like a Dodge than a Chrysler.

But I have also heard before there would be only a Chrysler version this time around. Dodge is supposed to get something else.

Who knows…

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  1. I've said it before, I'll say again…getting rid of the Caravan (the name ALONE defined the category) is a DUMB move.

    Last year, Dodge (in Canada) sold 50K of these, US sold 138K

    Last year Chrysler Canada sold 8K Grand Caravan and 134K in the US.

    I get the Caravan is the entry level product – but giving up the Caravan in Canada is kissing away 16% of your vehicle sales. Dumb..especially when trying to capture economies of scale and there is no formal replacement / substitute for volume announced.

  2. This is still a mule of the Chrysler T&C (the only van that will continue on). Previous spyshots have shown the van with a makeshift Durango interior, which is where the rear lights are from as well. You'll also notice that the tiny side mirrors are taken from the Challenger…

  3. The Caravan might sell more units in the States but the T&C sells more Units at Retail making IT more Profitable than the Caravan because most Caravans units are sold to fleets. Making the Caravan less profitable. Also There alot of customers that are purchasing "Dodge" Caravans that are used for Repair services instead them using "Ram" Cargo Vans (Caravans sold under Ram Brand specifically made for Construction/Service fleets) making the Caravan less profitable (Selling them to ANY kind of Fleet at a bigger discount isn't making them money) isnt good for the Caravan) and then losing money on the Cargo version of the Caravan is just making things worse.

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