Nissan Sway Concept

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Looking pretty nice. Aggressive with a great stance.

But this does look like a pure concept. While it is supposed to be a preview for the next Micra, I’m pretty sure most of what we see here won’t make it into the production model.

I mean, just imagine this taller, narrower, and with tiny wheels….

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  1. Nissan will build this and the production version will be very close to this concept. Same as with the 2012 "Invitation" concept that became the latest Note. Production set to start 2016 Q1 at Sunderland UK factory.

  2. This will do very well in Europe. It reminds me more of an aggressive Peugeot. I like it… except that sway thing is not good for marketing

  3. I love it…I'm always impressed when a company can do a new take on a compact car…this is highly original and I think has the potential to sell well (if they keep closely to the concept).

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