2016 Chevrolet Cruze RS

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Thought I’d share this picture of the “sportier” RS package for the new Cruze.

Plus, it’s in another color . Not the horrible bright blue Chevrolet thinks looks great on everything.
(They’ve used that blue on the new Volt too)

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  1. Pretty sure the photos of the blue car you posted were the RS model also. The red badge on the grill was pretty clear.

  2. Is it just me or are the new Chevy's starting to look a little like Toyota's? This reminds me of the new Camry and the new Malibu reminds of the new Avalon.

  3. The bright blue looks a lot better than this dull, dreary, ubiquitous gray every will. In gray the new Cruze looks about as pathetic as can be.

  4. Well done Chev…first great looking compact car you've made in ages. I think this has real potential to steal sales from Corolla, Civic and to a lesser extent the K2 twins. I'd argue Ford as well – but likely most of their Focus sales are hatch.

    Also – I don't get why Chev uses that weird electric kool aid blue either…the 2016 Volt looks MUCH MUCH better in different colours. For some reason the overly bright grill doesn't seem to stand out as much in other colours.

  5. I think that GM and other brands use blue tones like this (Instead of, let's say, "white") because that color highlights the details of the design lines in the vehicle (curves, shadows, edges, etc.), BMW uses a couple of blue tones (one dark and one medium) for picture sessions… my guess… I'm not a theory of color expert at all….Regards!!!

  6. Looks like Chevy is coming out swinging. The Malibu and Cruze look awesome and if there performance and fuel efficiency match their looks they might slay the competition.

  7. I liked the blue color. Not everything needs to be different shades of grey.

    It's sharp looking for a sports package (I'm not a big fan of sports packages, though).

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