New Honda Fuel Cell FCV sedan

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That looks weird. Not as weird and ugly as the Toyota Mirai. But still.
This is very, very awkward.

There is a bit of the new Civic in the front fender. Some Crosstour on the sides.
Let’s hope the next Accord doesn’t borrow too much from this…

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  1. No this is definitely worse than the Mirai which is hard to believe is possible. The flat rear wheel well pegs the ugly meter.

  2. Definitely not nearly as ugly as the new Prius or Mirai, but not as clean as the current Honda Clarity FCV. Again with the too many lines. Designers from pretty much every brand need to put the stylus down. It's like the design a nice shape, and the design chief screams "More lines!!"

  3. Okay.

    I think this looks pretty conventional. That chrome band has echoes of the new Civic, especially where it meets the C-pillar.

  4. I like it. More STYLE than buyers of cheap & alternative-fuel cars are used to. I like the subtle references to 1970's Lambo's, '74-78 New Yorkers, and early 1970's Skylarks. (The last of the truely "free" designs before cafe & other manipulative government regulations started limiting the creativity of the automotive stylests. No it's not your generic 2015 40dr hatch (Impala/Fusion/Sonata/Chrysler200/BMW 3GT & 5GT/Avalon, etc)

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