Nissan Gripz Concept

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I think this is actually pretty cool.
I also think it is a preview of the next Juke.

The problem is, many think it is a preview for the next Z.
And, of course, this would be a nightmare.
But I really can’t figure what anyone would think that. This is crazy.

Nissan has said “this is an homage to Nissan’s first “crossovers”- the iconic Safari Rally-winning Nissan 240Z”
That’s the quote people go crazy over.

I really think there is no way it means this is the next Z sports car.
But as a Juke, it would be really cool.

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  1. People are saying that because there are a million articles on the web saying that Nissan is replacing the 350Z with an SUV model…..

  2. I say it's a next gen Juke preview.

    It's a little too overdone for my tastes, but it wouldn't be a Juke if it wasn't controversial and edgy.

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