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This just looks goofy to me.
Ever since they showed us the concept (years ago), I always thought it looked like a bloated Model S.
I just wish it had its own design.
It’s really the same car as the S except… bloated…

The “falcon” doors still look obnoxious to me. It’s just way too showy.
A while ago, Tesla was claiming they would sell more Model Xs than Model Ss.
Maybe because the S is getting old. I don’t know.
But I don’t see this being that popular.
I do love Tesla and electric cars in general.
But lately, these just seem to me like the cool”rich guy’s car”.

You can configure the top of the line Model X online and it goes well over $130 000!

I mean really. $130 000?

It’s time for that $35 000 Model III they’ve been telling us about. Not some other over $100 000 car.

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  1. The doors will prove to be this vehicle's Achilles' heel, not the styling.. for every potential buyer that loves the swing-up doors, there will be at least 2 that will hate the way they look, or won't be able to open them in their garage.

  2. I have to agree with Vince. As a Leaf and i3 owner, I love electric cars. For the price of the Leaf, the less than macho styling was a compromise for me. The i3 is a fun quirky car. BUT…..for $130,000 I want a sexy, beautiful car, not a nerdy giant jelly bean of vehicle with Falcon doors being the only cool looking feature.

  3. Agreed about everything. Form loooking like a bloated hatchback instead of a proper cross over to the doors. I mean, come on, apart form the questionable look at me effect, their complicated mechanism and the additional strengthening to the chassis for cutting such a huge whole into a body add something that an electric car has more than enough off (and can't really use) – weight.

  4. A cute car-ette for the spoiled daughters of the wealthy. (Daughters who don't related to cars, but want the freedom they offer) That's a pretty small market. I assume Tesla knows this, and I assume they've built-in a gigantic profit margin (to cover the low volume.)

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