2017 Chrysler Town & Country

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This is so far the mod we’ve seen of the all new Chrysler minivan.

Looking much slicker than the current, and aging, model.
From this, it looks like the front will resemble the 200 quite a bit. And the sides seems pretty “wavy”.

There should be  more pictures coming out before the January reveal.

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  1. Chysler innovated this category. As such – their next product can not be the substandard Cerberus POS that was the last gen – that was modestly updated under Sergio.

    Given the caliber of 200 (yes – a GREAT car), Dart (another GREAT offering) and all the other Jeep stuff – I'm optimistic.

    If we get another limp re-fresh, than Chrysler is done in this category. The competition is just way to strong in their offerings (notably Kia who's product is about as good as a minivan can look).

  2. (notably Kia who's product is about as good as a minivan can look). I strongly disagree. Although the Kia looks nice on the outside; it has lackluster safety ratings, so-so mpg, and NO fold-in-floor seating. My ONLY reason for buying a minivan was the unequaled convenience of folding the 3rd row recliner AND the 2nd row captains chairs ALL into the floor in just a couple minutes. Isn't VERSATILITY the MAIN reason ANYBODY buys a minivan???
    Rumor is that the 2017 Town & Country will have an all new, super-comfortable and even easier to use stow-N-go system!

  3. nothing out of chrysler can be referred to as good, including Dodge trucks….call a spade a spade, junk is junk!

  4. October 20, 2015 at 10:25 AM It's 2015. NO company makes all lemons. And none makes ONLY winners. Jeep Wrangler has the highest resale of ANY 4×4 (If that's your measure) The first–and perhaps STILL only– 9-speed is the one in the Cherokee and Chrysler 200. And the 8-speed ZF in the RAM Trucks is just a more heavy-duty (more reliable) version of what's in an Audi A8, BMW 7, or Maserati Quatroporte. The CHARGER is one of the fastest factory-built, 5-star crash test sedans in the entire world! The Dart starts at $16k AND gets 41 mpg AND is one of very few cars to meet the standards for a Five-Star-PLUS safety rating (especially in the under-$35k price range; and it's WAY under!). And the truth is, that even the poorest quality (Scion?) most UNreliable (NISSAN?) car built right now– is lightyears ahead of the quality that the "quality leaders" were building just 10 years ago. So let's call a spade a spade — NOBODY selling cars in the USA today is building junk! (Most Chinese and South American and Indian cars can not be sold in the US. )

  5. I heard its suppose to be rear wheel drive base of the same platform as the jeep Cherokee and dodge durango

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