2017 Buick Lacrosse

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Again, the current Lacrosse is a car I really enjoy. So I don’t think this is such a improvement, really.
I mean it is nice. But I really was expecting something more.
Something a bit closer to last year’s Avenir concept.

The interior is very nice too. But so is the current one.
And that soft scoop over the rear wheels is a bit too reminiscent of what they’ve already done on a bunch of other GM cars. Like the Impala, new Malibu and even the new Cruze.

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  1. '14-15 hyundai Azera profile; Civic tail lights; 2016 Sonata/Genesis grill & headlights. But the inside is a bit more original. And VERY upscale with all the wood. Love it! (So will it be priced with Sonata, Legacy, Avalon, Fusion, new Malibu, Impala, Chrysler 200, Passat, and all the other 4-dr, 6-window, fastbacks? Or is it in the Genesis/A5 price range — unfortunately it's hard to tell!

  2. Anonymous @ 9:57 AM, you're being generous saying '14-'15 Azera profile.. I was thinking '05-'06.

  3. Please check the dials, touch screen, and the steering wheel buttons of the recently launched Opel Astra K in Europe. You'll see what I mean. The only difference is the replacement of the buttons.

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