2017 Cadillac XT5

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Basically the all new SRX. With a new name.

And it is looking quite nice. Making the new Lexus RX (Probably its main competition) look even weirder than it is.
The interior isn’t really original. But from these early pictures, it does look quite upscale.
And again, more mainstream than the bizarro RX. Which could be a good thing for Cadillac.

Although now, they have a brand new competitor with the all new Lincoln MKX.
Which has been getting really good reviews so far.

The XT5 is only available with the new 3.6 Liter V6 with 310HP and an 8 speed auto.
(Although the Chinese market is getting a 2.0 Liter Turbo.)

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  1. Fussy, soulless, gimmicky, boring. No, it's not ugly. But it is a little weird. And it's not really charming or impressive. A major missed opportunity from caddy.

  2. interior is fine, exterior softer and busier than previous. more of an evolution…..that does not work, especially when there are gorgeous groundbreaking CUV's out there such as the Nissan Murano.

  3. The center HVAC vents have a very strange placement. They remind me of the ones in the Toyota Corolla,

  4. People don't buy it's competitor, the Lexus RS, for its' "great design" They buy it IN SPITE OF very poor design, because they BELIEVE it will be dependable and never break down. It took Lexus 25 years to get that reputation, and regardless of whether it's still valid or not (I think not) the elderly who buy Lexus over Cadillac will continue to do so for years to come regardless of how spectacular Cadillac's designs are. It's an overall marketing profile–and style is only 1 part of that mystik. And for the "over 70" crowd, their opinions of Lexus's reliability will not be overcome quickly. Not by superior style, comfort, quality, or even by proving greater reliability. But PROVING better reliability would be a start. I hope Cadillac Marketing realizes that.

  5. The interior details are impressive. I'm going to have to wait and see the exterior in person. I was lukewarm when I was the CTS pictures. But seeing the CTS-V in person, it's absolutely gorgeous.

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