2017 Lincoln MKZ

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I really think that new front end ruins it. I mean now they will try to stick that Continental concept grille on everyting???
Just when they started looking nice…

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  1. I disagree. This is much much better than the previous grill. This looks meaner, statelier and certainly more luxurious. I will agree that it may not fit harmoniously with the rear of the car as clearly it was originally designed nose to tail however this is a great update and gets us towards family resemblance much faster than I expected. Now, get those weird flying wing things off of the MKZ and MKC front end and Lincoln will be back in business.

  2. I agree – the current grille had just been perfected on the MKX. I was surprised to see the new grille on the COnty concept – wondering where the hell that face fit in to the family picture. No we know. Linciln has adopted a kia face.

  3. Totally agree, VB. The moment they finally figured out how to make the split grille attractive (MKX & MKC), they ditch it. Fucking morons.

  4. Vince…this is WAY better than the previous MKZ; which itself wasn't ugly – just not well thought out / executed.

  5. The best part of the MKZ was the grill, and it is still the best part. I like the new style. The problem with the MKZ is the rest of the car. It just doesn't work for some reason.

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