2017 Mercedes E-Class

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First official picture of the all new E-class.

As predicted, it is a mix of C and S-class. The wide screen seems better integrated than in the C-class.
As it doesn’t feel so much like a tablet anymore.

The current model starts at about $52 000 in the US. So this sits on top of the mid size luxury segment. (As a Mercedes should)

This looks really, really luxurious. Pretty much at the level of the S-Class.
And much nicer than the competition. There is a new 5 Series around the corner, but I’m not sure they can match this level of opulence.
And from what I’ve seen from Audi’s new A4 and Q7, the next A6 won’t even be competing with this. At all..

And look at this!

I mean really, more than ever, a smaller “cheaper” S-Class.

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  1. Put some light birdseye maple or "Volvo-style" teak on the doors and dash and I think we have a winner! (Piano Black Plastic and black-stained oak are so 2014 !)

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