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Not unexpected, but still shocking. The new NSX starts at $ 157 800.
Yes. almost $160 000 for the Acura.
That’s not all. With all options it goes up to $207 500!

I sat in it at the Auto Show. (Obviously I have not driven one)
And I can tell you that at least from inside, it is NOT worth $160 000. It looks and feels nice, of course,
But not better than a loaded $40 000 Acura sedan.

And, something they don’t really understand, at that price a brand name does matter.
Very few people will spend that money for the actual performance of the car.
All these expensive cars are very fast, handle great and look good.

What people want is to be seen in them. It might be sad, but that’s how it is….

I am not sure who would ever consider this at all????

As far as being seen in an expensive car, you can hardly beat an Aston Martin.
Since they all look great and super expensive, you might as well get the “cheapest one”.
Which is this V8 Vantage model. Which starts at $124 000.

Yes, the Aston is almost $35 000 less than the NSX…

Another great choice: the all new Mercedes AMG GT. I sat in one as well, and I can tell you that it looks and feels twice as expensive as the Acura.

But. At $130 800, almost a bargain next to the NSX!

And there is always the stunning BMW i8. Which is always quite a sight when I see one.

Again, much cheaper than the Acura since it starts at $141 700 (!)

OR… You can do the right thing and get 18 1976 Chrysler Cordobas. All with the Corinthian Leather option. (more pics HERE)

Which would actually be the best and coolest way to go.

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  1. I disagree. At this level, buyers are more interested in performance and style than choosing a car with the lowest price.

    The price isn't the most important consideration.

    It is unlikely a buyer would go for one car over another simply because "it's cheaper."

    That's missing the point entirely.

  2. I would pay that price…..if the NSX had Corinthian leather. OK, 2 NSX's for that price. Yup, Acura is on crack.

  3. ha ha great comment vince..i'll take the beamer..that acura's model looks outdated comparing to the beamer.

  4. That is a smart strategy for honda/acura. Without their own super car technology, they had to outsource almost all the parts. So, by keeping the price extremely high people will not buy this car. So Honda will not lose money by selling it and yet they still raise their brand value by simply showing it off. Do you realize how much this not-so-true "super car" has been in media for the last three years and effectively got advertised free of charge? – At least Vince is not one of those media fools. This the same strategy that FOMC has been using in the 4.7 trillion dollar Quantitative Easing WITHOUT actually printing an extra single dollar bill.

  5. Corinthian leather was really good. Much thicker and more durable than the condom-thin leather you get in most new cars.

    I prefer the earlier round-headlight Cordoba, although the one you linked has the optional four barrel carb, which is nice.

  6. Personally, I prefer the black leather and wood interior of the Chrysler Cordoba. It's kind of a more stylishly upscale version of my 5-series. As to the NSX; I think it would be a tough sell even at $60k. But I guess if you're not confident in your product ('s sales potential)… It looks better if you can blame low sales on a high price. Low sales on a $40-$60k NSX would be embarrassingly hard to explain.

  7. Les wrote: "Much thicker and more durable than the condom-thin leather you get in most new cars.

    Personally, I try to use ribbed leather, but my GF prefers her leather studded.

  8. Vince, you are missing the point. This is a limited production high performance car. Interior leather will not do it. The small weenie wannabes all they want is to be SEEN driving them.

  9. It would do okay at 80k, against other grand tourers / crazy-cheap sportscars.

    I think Honda is being uber-rational about this car. Most automakers lose money on these kinds of project, especially early on, but it seems the bean counters over at Honda won't tolerate anything of the sort. No one asked them to go the "Hybrid + intelligent-AWD + mid-engined" route, and complicate this car, whose costs and patience are passed onto consumers.

  10. @education project, AWD is not unique to this acura. AWD is actually common amongst most newer high performance cars nowadays. Hybrid is as cheap as $900 (compare the non hybrid and the hybrid versions of the Rav4 xle). Mid-engine doesn't cost more to develop than any other configuration. This can't be an excuse for the unreasonably high price of this acura. I think honda is just playing us.

  11. We all know Honda is incapable of mass-producing this car. And we (including Honda) also know there are generally always some insane car shoppers for a certain model of any makes. So why not jack up the price to the max? Those handful number (I am guessing less than the 100/year) of this acura they produce will be just enough (hence guaranteed) to be sold to those insanes.

  12. December 20, 2015 at 10:58 AM "Hybrid is as cheap as $900" Actually it's cheaper than that. The Lincoln MKZ is EXACTLY the same price whether you get the Hybrid or the gas version!

  13. well, I agree with burlapp. If it was my money i would spend it on the MB GTS or a 911 turbo s, for gt3 rs

  14. Mostly disagree with most commenters here except the first comment. This will be limited production model with supercar tech and performance the price isn't unreasonable. The last NSX sold for around $90k.

  15. People, people, people….it amazes me that all the "car geeks" on this page actually know NOTHING! There is NO such thing as Corinthian Leather – It was, and continues today, as nothing more than an advertising scheme by Chrysler in the 1970's – and a successful one at that.

    These comments just to go show how little anyone knows about cars accept their own "stupid" opinions!

  16. v6james …..are you a little slow? All you read here was about the Corinthian leather? And by the way, does the word leather make you angry?

  17. Anonymous – You're right…it was much more than the Corinthian Leather in the Cordobas. So, my take is – "WHO CARES"?! If I can't afford it, which I can't, I don't really care. I'm not going to slobber over something that's well beyond my reach – it has less to do with "dreaming" and more to do with spending my time in reality – my own reality – not gazing at cars that have no significance in daily driving. Enough said. Now, if most people on this blog could do the same….be honest with themselves that is, instead of bantering about something that is NOTHING MORE THAN A PIPE DREAM, their lives would be much clearer and their ideals more inline with reality!

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