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We finally get to see something official about the all new Hyundai Prius competitor.

This does look more interesting than the camouflaged cars we have seen.
And, a thousand times nicer than the horrific new Prius. (Which is even much worse in real life)

I think there is a huge opportunity for Hyundai here.
As many people considering a Hybrid might be turned off by the new Prius (Including current Prius owners)

Hyundai has already mentioned 3 models. A regular Hybrid, a plug-in as well as an all electric version.That sounds like they will be covering all the bases.

The regular hybrid is even supposed to be using an new technology that allows the movement of the car to recharge the batteries.
(Which could mean seriously great gas mileage)

I always wondered about that. Why something couldn’t be connected to the wheels so all that energy produced would be used…Since they do use energy from braking.

We will see the whole thing early next month.

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  1. Agreed! The rear decklid looks very similar to the first-gen Volt as do the slim tail-lamps. But I'm sure this will be a great hybrid. I look forward to the full reveal as Hyundai has been churning out very nice handsome cars lately. The new Tucson really wowed me.

  2. Where are you getting this "new technology" info from? From the press release it sounds like they're just talking about regenerative braking.

  3. " Finally, the hybrid (HEV) utilizes the petrol engine and motion of the car to charge the on-board battery, which returns enhanced efficiency by supplementing the engine's power."

    I wonder if by motion they mean that it will be energy regeneration by way of shocks or struts in addition to breaking.

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