Volvo S90 VS.Jaguar XF

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 I keep comparing the 2 cars. I know…

But, to me, they are both shocking in their own way.
The S90 interior is shocking because it is so great. And coming from such a “blah brand” like Volvo. A brand that most people had written off. A brand that is not associate with style.

The XF is also shocking. Because how bad it looks.
 And that is coming from a very prestigious brand with a huge history of style and elegance.
The Volvo interior is so good looking. And even original.
It is truly competing with the best in its class.

And,Volvo is saying it will be priced under the $50 000 XC90.
While the Jag starts at $52 000!

Meanwhile, at Jaguar, things are flat and boring. Almost sad.
I mean look at this!

Basically devoid of any style. A coldness that was never associated with British cars before.
( I sat in it, and I can tell you, it’s not better in person)
And while Volvo has found an amazing way to display wood, Jaguar seems to be doing its best to hide it.

We have officially entered the “Bizarro World”.

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  1. The Volvo interior is beautiful but frankly, they have been for a while. I have always found the materials used in their interiors to be superb and although the style may not be ground breaking, it has always been elegant and understated (like miost Scandinavian design), which appeals to the typical Volvo customer (like me!). And there in no automotive seat that compares to a Volvo seat!

  2. Word. I also sat in the XF, and the XE in LA, and they are both equally dull. No style, no grace, no sense of occasion, no luxury. I wonder what went wrong inside Jaguar, that this is where they landed? Did they spend all their money on engines and aluminum engineering?

    And how can Volvo afford to do such a magnificent interior at that low price?

    Cadillac also seems to struggle with making their interiors feel plush, although the design theme in the latest CTS has some pizazz. Seems a common problem.

  3. I agree. I just saw an xc90 my friend bought and it was stunning, inside and out.

    i think i'm going to get one.

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