2017 Subaru Impreza Hatchback

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 At least this does look better than the outgoing, blocky, model.
Seems a bit lower, with a much nicer stance.
And the interior has finally entered the 21s century. (Although not by much)

But, what’s with the 90’s tiny sunroof option???

It is powered by a revised “revised version” of the usual 2.0 Liter with 152HP.
And a CVT.

By the way, not only Subaru doesn’t seem to be able to design a truly modern car. But they also can’t take a decent picture of it!

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  1. The unnecessarily complicated door panel sculpting ruins it for me. Someone please stop the designers!!

  2. Vince, you need to get over the "90's sunroof" thing. You've said it with SO many new vehicles from numerous different brands, which means…it is NOT a "90's sunroof" thing. It's how most sunroofs are sized today…in 2016. End of story.

  3. The concept looked great. I didnt see anything from the concept that couldn't make production. Why cant they give the basic shape to ItalDesign or Pininfarina and give them $2,000,000 to clean up the looks? That wojld only be about $25/car if you sold 80,000 cars, and you might sell a hell of a lot more if it were good looking. Even people who want to project a rugged outdoorsy LLBead image dont want to drive ugly cars. Maybe not feminine cars, but certainly not ugly.

  4. ok folks, these subarus have ZERO cargo space, all of them, so they are now rendered useless to 98% of potential buyers.

  5. While this is hardly a groundbreaking design, I would begrudgingly admit that it is at least all small improvement over the previous Impreza Hatch.

    Sport model's subtle ground effects and improved tailights and C-Pillar make the car more visually appealing. The unique cloth interior on the Sport model is to my eye a major upgrade over the previous bland to ugly looking interiors of the past.

    Hoping that the slight increase in dimensions will help with ingress and egress but when I last tested a Subaru model with CVT (13' Legacy), it sent me running to the Mazda dealer to close a deal on the M6. So unless the tractor like noise levels of the CVT have been significantly reduced that would be a deal breaker for me again.

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