Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

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Finally, pictures of the US version.
It has been years…

I think it looks fine, inside and out. I know most people love to hate Mitsubishi these days, but I really think this looks just fine.

The weird thing is that Mitsubishi still has no official specs for the car.

“the Outlander PHEV will offer a high electric range and combined miles per gallon”
What does that mean? Nothing that’s what it means.
If they can squeeze over 30 miles in EV mode and over 40MPG in Hybrid mode, all for a decent (cheap) price, then they have something.
Otherwise this thing will be DOA.

What do you think?

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  1. It looks fine yes. Why it took years to get it to a US auto show and then give no spec details is endemic of why Mitsubishi doesn't play ball with the other Japanese automakers. It's like they keep circling the airport but can never land the plane. The lack of a digital mph speedo on a hybrid shows they are pretty behind on their tech. The reason they sell well in the UK is due to huge tax incentives. This may have a tough time selling in the US with low gas prices and the hassle of having to plug in to charge.

  2. what about this ugly finition on the rear arm rest ??!!!
    hello quality control made by blind people

  3. Mitsubishi will continue to appeal to sub-prime buyers who have no concept of quality. On the road, I steer clear of Mitsubishis.

  4. If rear armrest looks this shabby on a brand new unit , how will it wear over time???? Questionable quality that is obvious to the naked eye.

  5. I know a dealer friend that thinks because he is successful as a toyota dealer, because he is so skilled and intelligent. True LOL, he opened up a Mitsubishi store on another families Money however, and they are faltering and failing. I think deep down he must know, he has no actual skill, toyota is like a money making machine and any Falconer Monkey can make it there.
    we let him rant on and laugh behind his back. LOL

  6. i would like you to consider this, Mitsubishi knows you will see these pics and the rear armrest looks like this. Imagine if you will, all the thousands of hidden components you cannot see, where they can make quality shortcuts……hmmmm, very interesting

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