2017 Lincoln Continental pricing.

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It will start at $45 500.
It includes a 300hp V6.
Since its main competition might be the new Cadillac CT6 (Although the Cadillac seems larger), it is interesting to know that is is about $9000 less.

It seems that Lincoln is actually thinking of the Audi A6 being their main competition.
If so, they need to brace themselves for some bad news.
As I cannot really imagine anyone considering an A6 stepping into a Lincoln dealer.
Like I mentioned many times, German car buyers just want their German cars and the image associated with it.
( I think it is wrong and narrow minded, but that’s how it is…)

I see this more as a competition to the super boring Acura RLX. Or maybe the Infiniti Q70.
And let’s not forget the all new, and quite stunning, Volvo S90 which starts at $48 000.

I saw the car in the flesh and that front grille is as bad as it looks on pictures.
Again, what the hell were they thinking after really good designs like the MKX and MKC.
( I guess these will also get ruined next year with the ugly face.)

On other notes, the revised 2017 MKZ (With that ugly face) will start at $35 935. Hybrid and V6 are both the same price (A nice touch)

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  1. Thankfully even the MKS outsold the Acura RLX by 6,877 to 2,195 and I'm assuming the Continental can only go up from there.
    I am more interested how it fares with the Hyundai Genesis/G80 and the Volvo S90.
    Then again, the Genesis outsold the Audi A6 and Lexus GS so that might be too much to ask for.

  2. I still don't know why they tossed the split wing grille when they FINALLY got it right! The new MKZ looks mismatched as they only changed the front end. Sure, there is a new boldness to the front, but the 2013-16 MKZ was solid elegance.

  3. The interior has a couple of interesting details. The rear headrests, the 30-way adjustable seats, the availability of dark navy trim everywhere – it may seem a little shiny and cheesy, but considering this car's demo, brand recognition, starting price, and the fact that you'll be sitting behind the grille and not in front of it, I think Lincoln should do well by the new Continental. I reckon its sales success is going to depend on how much space is in the rear seat and what fleet pricing would look like.

  4. This car got a lot of attention at NAIAS and my local auto show as well. Make no mistake, this car is Lincolns return to the old school domestic luxury. It will appeal to the guys who wax poetic of chrome and opera lamps. Nothing wrong with that, and it looks great in person.

  5. I disagree Vince, as I personally just traded my M5 in on a Korean luxury car. It just seemed like a better all-around car; all things considered. But I do agree with your assumption that most car buyers buy out of habitual ignorance; and never really check out the competition. I think that's why Chrysler often has such a hard time getting conquest sales from Toyota, for instance.

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