2017 Honda Odyssey

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There it is again. The next Odyssey.

It does look pretty slick already.
Seems that everyone knew that Chrysler was coming up with something pretty modern.
So now it’s time to catch up.

Not sure from these pictures if the rear side window will be getting a similar treatment is has now.
But there is a bit of a scoop visible on the second picture.

These were taken by a friend of mine.
Cartoonist/show creator/surfer/overall great guy.

So thanks!

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  1. I'm terrified of the overstyled Civic-like fascias that may be hiding under that camo.. I guess it's ok for the upcoming CR-V to show those somewhat childish familial ties, but I'd prefer the Odyssey to follow the more restrained language of the Accord or Pilot.

  2. I've seen the Odyssey. It can't hold a candle to the Pacifica. Not by a long shot. It barely bests the current Odyssey–just change for the sake of change; with none of the ground-breaking features of the Chrysler. And not nearly as good-looking as the Chrysler either.

  3. honda is lost and searching desperately for a look, civic is a hacked up mess, this segment is dead.

  4. Vince, note the big news (which probably indicates more than a simple reskin): the track for the slider is now under the rear window, not in the middle of the rear fender. The previous 2 gens of Odyssey had the track in the fender, so this is a big update for Honda.

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