2017 Nissan Kicks

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Here is the all new Tiny Nissan Kicks.
As of now, it is mostly for the south American market.
But Nissan calls it  “global model”.

At first, people thought it could be a replacement for the Juke in the US.
But it is actually smaller. And looks bit simpler inside.
So this could come here against all these new tiny SUVs like the HR-V and Mazda CX-3.

Not sure what the Juke would become…

It does look quite nice, with a simple and modern interior.
The whole thing is modern yet tame compared to the crazy Juke.

Let’s hope this one comes over here…

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  1. Burlapp, if you were to read most recent reports about the Juke you may have know that it would go upscale.
    Therefore, it would make sense for the Kicks to come here as the bottom feeder.

    A white capped roof would look more pleasant and perhaps a bit more detail added to the front grille would help out the design a list.e Nissan should make tinted windows standard across the Kicks line up for a more upscale feel as well.

  2. That's much better looking than the Juke. It could come here as the next Juke. I thought Nissan was bringing the Qashqai here as a slightly smaller crossover below the Rogue, so a smaller Juke could make sense.

  3. Best looking Nissan IMHO. Now bring some in, load a few up with explosives and park next to the Versa sedan storage yard.

  4. Nissan will have a Z line up of sport oriented vehicles in the near future. One of them will be a 370 and the other will be the Juke's replacement. The Z line up will be mid range vehicles. In other words the 370 will become simpler and somewhat smaller car while the Juke replacement will be a bit more fancier than what's offered today.

    As far as the Qashqai coming to the US, that was sepculation until Nissan floated the idea of bringing the Kicks to the US. I'm not sure where Rogue's future fits into this equation as far as size. Yet they killed the Xterra. If the Qashqai and Kicks hypothetically come here there will still be too many SUV's to sell.

    Nissan would need to merge the Pathfinder and Murano into one to get away with this.

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