Chevrolet Camaro Test Drive coming up

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 I really enjoyed the previous Camaro. I remember test driving the V6 as well as the V8.
Both very nice cars.

So I have been waiting eagerly for the all new model. As I think it looks great in pictures…
And today, finally, there it is. Mine for a week.
A yellow one (Weirdly enough, the same color of the V6 one I tested years ago)
Not a color I would pick. By a long shot.

My test model is a V6 RS 2LT.

So here are a few quick observations from my first short drive. To the bank and Trader Joe’s…

Visibility is even worse than before. It is immediately obvious as soon as you sit in the car for the first time.
The ceiling is very low. This car desperately needs the sunroof option (My test car does not have one)
It actually feels like you are driving a Sherman tank. Like in the picture above.
Otherwise, the engine feels really powerful, but somehow sounds like a 4 cylinder. I mean, it’s a good sound, just not like a V6…
This “ambient lighting” has to go. At least for me. This is just way too distracting while you drive.
I hope it can be turned off..
I guess it’s time to “open the manual and figure it out”.

 The trunk opening is not only small, it’s also pretty weirdly shaped.
One of the smallest I have ever seen (Besides a Beetle convertible)
The size of the trunk itself seems OK, for a sports car.

A weird note, the sound it makes when you close it is quite amassing. Like a bank safe door.
If feels like the most solid part of the car.

At least I will always find it in a parking lot…

Please, feel free to ask me any questions about the car while I have it.

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  1. claustrophobic .. a sunroof anything! The roof line is so disproportionate to the car. It does not enable the feeling of the open road. It would be like driving a coffin.

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