GM+Lyft= JohnnyCab (an alcoholic paradise)

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 That’s right.
GM will partner with Lyft for a self driving car service.
By next year! I had no idea the self driving technology was so far advanced…
(Maybe because I don’t really want it to be…)

A test fleet of Chevrolet Bolts will be available as soon as next year as Lyft’s first driver less rides.
Well, there will still be a “driver”, in case something goes horribly wrong (What could go wrong?)
And so far, this will only be available in one (undisclosed) city in the US.

This is quite amazing. And it arrived quicker than I thought.
But it makes total sense.
Of course Lyft and Uber will be all over this. They  won’t have to pay drivers anymore!

And really, people who use their services are doing so because they don’t want, or like to drive in the first place.
These things might work better without anyone driving them
All you want from Lyft or Uber is a car that drives you where you need to go.
No one really cares about the driver. (sad but true…)

I think this is really the future for these “ride sharing” companies. And really, the end of the good old Taxi.

And also, an alcoholic paradise!

Here is Johnycab, from the 1990 movie Total Recall.
Who would have thought this would actually happen. This wasn’t glamorous at all.
Describing a pretty grim, no fun, version of the future (Except for that 3 breasted lady…)

Well, Johnnycab is coming. Next year!

What do you think?
Would you get into a 100% self driving Lyft/Uber car?

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  1. Vince – The autonomous Chevy Bolts are only being used as a test fleet, and only on closed roads.

    They are not going to be on public streets just yet.

  2. It does SEEM like a driverless car would be good for drunks and old people, until you realize that those are the 2 groups of people that will be least able to communicate with the system. Perfectly sober people struggle daily with today's voice recognition systems.

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