Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept

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This is actually a cool idea.
Which would be a nice option to have. Since the regular model is one of these “coupe that looks like a hatch but isn’t one”.
This would work as a hatchback version.
But no…

This was actually developed and designed in Australia by Toyota Australia.
So it looks like the Australian operation had a bad case of the “fuck-it” and went rogue for a while.
Deciding to do their own concept.

And of course, there is “no plan for production”.
Which actually makes a bit of sense.
They’ve already said no to a convertible. And that car is already over 4 years old.
So a new design isn’t that far away.

If the Toyota 86 needs anything it’s a new interior. More than a wagon version.
It was bad when it came out. Now it stands as one of the most depressing car to sit in…

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  1. Keep on trucking Toyota, or do I mean effing up all of your designs this is great for us, the competition

  2. Not understanding all of the hate toward the Toyota 86 (Scion FR-S). I bought the Scion last January, and could not be more pleased. No, it's not a power monster on the road, but what it might lack in power it more than makes up for – with some of the best handling and road dynamics available. (Keep in mind that the car is only about $27k).

    Yes, the Mustang offers more power at this price. (And the new Civic Coupe looks promising). But with near-Porsche handling, this car offers a lot of fun, and at a very reasonable price.

    I agree that the interior could use an upgrade. Hopefully this is being addressed in the next generation.

  3. I often prefer a shooting brake profile to a fastback coupe, but the execution of this one leaves much to be desired.

  4. this is what you dream about as a hyundai or say honda or Nissan dealer….to wake up one day and toyota cars look like this. it's a dream come true hahahahahahahaha!

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