All new 2017 Jeep SUV

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These are new pictures of the long awaited model that will be replacing both the Patriot and the Compass.

So this is supposed to be larger than the Renegade but smaller than the Cherokee.
I am not sure what that really means. The Cherokee isn’t that much larger than the Renegade to begin with.
But I guess Fiat’s Boss is crazy about Jeep being such a cash cow. (For now)
So there will be plenty of new SUV’s under the Jeep name.

So far so good. The spy shots have been showing a nice design.
Like a small Grand Cherokee.

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  1. For some people the over the top cute ute styling of the Renegade is just too much. If this is the same size but looks more like a traditional CUV (as evidenced by the upswept belt line like virtually every other small CUV) it should be plus sales for Jeep. Then Jeep will have a pair of compact CUVs that directly replace the Patriot/Compass.

  2. "…larger than the Renegade but smaller than the Cherokee…"

    Maybe they meant "Grand Cherokee". Didn't think the Cherokee was larger than the Renegade at all or by much. Anyhoo…the Com-patirot tester looks like a descent SUV. It'll definitely hit a good price point with US market.

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