2017 Kia Rio

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Looking really good. But really, not that much better than the current design.
I think the current one actually looks a bit more modern.

Maybe it will be better “in the flesh” as they say. So far this seems like a little bit more conservative than what they offer right now.
Which has been the case with most new generation Hyundai/Kia designs.
The mostly don’t look as good as the previous ones.

Inside, it does seem more upscale.

The car is actually a little bit lower, longer and wider than before. So proportions should be fine in real life.
So far, another nice design from Kia. But nothing that is better than the competition.
( I am amazed to see how good the aging Ford Fiesta still looks….)

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  1. Four interlocked chrome rings would look quite at home on the center of that steering wheel…huh Vince?

  2. The combination of the A pillar and the Canadian pillar design makes it look so graceful and sexy at the same time. Of course there are other cars like the Corvette. But I didn't expect this from a compact car segment.

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