All new 2017/18 Hyundai Azera

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Of course, it doesn’t look as cool as the teasers we saw earlier.
Still, a very nice and modern near luxury sedan.
Which is, basically, as much luxury as most people need.

Getting ready to do battle with the Toyota Avalon, Nissan mAxima and the al new Buick Lacrosse.

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  1. Nice looking sedan. Too bad Hyundai doesn't plan on selling it here in the US. With Genesis spun off as its own brand, this would make a cool flagship sedan for the Hyundai brand.

    I think Hyundai needs to do more to differentiate the Hyundai and Genesis brands. The front ends are too similar. Also, the taillights on the G80 sedan look too similar to the taillights on the Elantra and Tucson. As long as the styling remains this similar between the two brands, I think it will be difficult to make people perceive Genesis as nothing more than a fancy Hyundai.

  2. Hey Burlapp, did you bother to phone Hyundai? A US spokesman told Carscoops: “Hyundai will sell the all-new Azera in all global markets except for Australia, Europe and North America. The all-new Azera will not be sold in the U.S. Considering the importance of Hyundai Motor's flagship model in overseas markets, Hyundai is currently reviewing the possibility of introducing a US-specific model that reflects the needs of customers in North America".

  3. A perfectly nice car that I'd be happy to have as a gift, just not something I'd crave to own. Growing tired of that same look in most cars. It reminds me of a Mazda product. p.s. I'm crazy about your site, bud. Nothing else quite like it.

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