How about more pictures of the new Mercedes X-Class…

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Mercedes is calling these “Concepts”.
That explains the weird futuristic LED rear end. 
Otherwise, this is pretty much what we’ll see in the production version.With smaller wheels. 
While that LED makes you think of an EV. The concept is quite the opposite. Since it is powered by a V6 diesel.
Inside, it looks quite different from the Nissan version. Except for some switches and other details.
This is mostly for Europe and South America. Coming out late 2017. And the US will NOT be getting it.

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  1. Pretty generic. Take anything from a GMC Canyon to a Nissan Titan or Honda Ridgeline and slap on a blank grill with Mercedes emblem and viola! Instant Merc Pickup. I don't think that's enough. I'll stick with the Longhorn RAM & Ford King Ranch, thank-you.

  2. Ugly. The front end is just comical. It looks cartoonish AND home-built.

    I would imagine they would just about have to give them away, but I frequently underestimate just how stupid the general population is.

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