2017 Jeep Compass

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Not sure if it was the wine at the “Cadillac Cafe”. Or the beer at the “Genesis Event”.
Or even the scotch at the “Toyota C-HR extravaganza”. But I totally missed the all new Jeep Compass even though I was looking for it…

So here are a few official pictures. For the fans.

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  1. so this is basically a Jeep Renegade with new clothes but same old engine and wonky transmission. Stylistically it looks great inside and out but an American made, small V6 of 230 HP and a well built, reliable 6 speed auto transmission would of been sublime.

  2. Bob:
    Your bias is showing is this was some other make you'd fawn all over it –
    but you'd rather dismiss it or.
    More mirco pics of faux wood Pls.

  3. Wow! This is a very nice looking subcompact/compact SUV. It's MUCH nicer looking than the current Compass. It's too bad Jeeps have awful transmissions and are so incredibly unreliably. Beauty is only skin deep in this case.

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