2018 Toyota Camry

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The Camry is still Toyota’s best selling model in the US. And the best selling car in the country.
So this is one super important model.
All new pictures have emerged. Where you can really see the actual car.

Make sure you click HERE to see all of these new pix.

This is what we saw a few weeks ago. When Toyota unveiled their new racing version of the Camry.
So this is pretty much a more aggressive version of the next Camry.

Here are two new illustrations .
And they do look really close to the pictures posted HERE.

So again, the Camry design is a quiet evolution of the previous one.
Something that has worked very well for them so far.

But Toyota has already admit the next generation RAV-4 might be so popular, it could actually outsell the nextCamry.

The new model will also have to deal with an all new Honda Accord, coming out just a short time after the Toyota.

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  1. It sells because its cheap and because of fleet sales. Try going to any rental counter. If I don't specifically say "not a Camry," then they try to give me a Camry. I can't stand these ratty things.

  2. That illustration looks pretty good. It'll be nice to have a new Camry ride on an actual new chassis instead of the 15 year old one they use now.

  3. Looking more like an Accord every day! And that's a good thing, giving Toyota's desperate inability to create good design without copying someone else!

  4. Behold… the next BO-stenched taxi and Alamo rental car in every major US city. No matter how pointy looking and "emotional" they try to make this thing, it's just a bland mediocre car sold for cheap to fleets and sub prime buyers.

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