All new VW Arteon

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The all new Arteon will replace the old CC next year.
The CC was based on the previous Passat. And this one will be based on the current European model (Not the one we have here)
And, it will finally be a true hatchback!
The CC has been out for a very long time, and still looks quite nice.
I test drove one  couple of years ago and I must say I was disappointed.
The DSG/2.0 Liter Turbo combo was not the best around. With quite a bit of lag.
This new model will use better versions of the 2.0Like they have in recent VW models liter engine and more modern transmissions.
So things should improve quite a bit. 

The yellow car above is the concept version from last year.
Let’s hope it stays close to it.
Especially inside. Where things looked great in the concept version.

VW does need a stylish sedan in its line up. 

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