How about another Chinese EV brand: WM Motors.

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 That’s right. Not just another Chinese EV. But 3! And an all new brand!

These all look fine. Wagon/hatchback, Minivan and SUV body styles.
Very modern, but not too weird.


There has been a lot of Chinese EVs lately. Most of them are in financial trouble and might never see the light of day.
Like that Faraday they are supposed to be making in Nevada. Except they have now stopped the construction of the factory. And the local Governor is saying the Chinese billionaire behind the whole thing  is actually broke.
That same billionaire is  also financing that “other Chinese EV company” called LeEco. (isn’t he broke?)

All these companies come with big claims and even bigger money. For a while.

This new one isn’t trying to compete in the super expensive car business.
Their first model will be competing with the Tesla model 3. ( As well as the Bolt)
They will launch in 2018 and plan to sell 100 000 cars a year within 3 or 4 years.

I haven’t seen any specs yet, but by 2018, it will be hard to sell something with less than 200 miles range on a charge.

Let’s hope this works out.

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  1. Imagine if Chrysler had developed 3 models like this for their line up. It would greatly help as they lack or soon lack a small sedan and crossovers.

  2. I think infrastructure and charging time is even more important than range. If every gas station offered super fast EV charging (around 15 minutes), even 200 miles would be fine.

  3. There's a scary thought — every gas station with high voltage charging plugs surrounded by clouds of gas fumes. BOOOM!!! A Prius (or any Lithium Battery) would go off like a nuclear warhead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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